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Airdrop Artwork Event: Gratitude to "Ultimate 5" Players

The Purpose of the Airdrop

Heroes & Empires wants to have a special event to thank the HE community for always being with us and supporting us after almost 9 months of launch and receiving a lot of positive feedback from players. As a result, the super-hit Airdrop Artwork is a useful gift for Heroes & Empire that will double the fun for players who have grown attached to the game thus far.

Structure of Airdrops

You will get 1 NFT collection for the heroes in your squad if you are one of the first players to own Hero Ultimate 5*. Each hero has 5 NFTs, of which the player who satisfies the requirements will receive one.

This is a one-time use gift that you can optionally mint to trade on Marketplace Heroes & Empires.

The unique feature is that only a certain amount of artwork will be generated. There will currently be 15 * 5 = 75 artwork releases, and there will be a lot more new hero artworks "launched" in the near future. It will take time to finish the collection, but our gifted artists are working diligently on it.

🎁 So, how do you receive gifts?
Airdrop Time - How to Receive

You will receive in-game gifts from us, and you can mint them for NFT (according to your needs).
Even better, you can create original profile avatars using these NFTs.

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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