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Arena (PvP)

Arena is a tournament wherein players compete for rank points by going head-to-head in battles.

Players can take part in Arena battles by clicking “Fortress”. Please note that the Fortress only opens when players complete Chapters 2-28.

Colosseum - Arena

The Arena represents a league wherein you can accumulate ladder points and gain rewards. Your ladder points will rise or fall, depending on the outcome of your battles. Players can play an unlimited number of battles in Arena, but rewards and ladder points only apply when you have Arena tickets.

You will be charged 2 Arena tickets for free per day (You can complete in-game quests to earn more Arena tickets).

Each season will last for 4 weeks. Over 4 weeks, you will be rewarded based on last season's ranking.

Once a season has ended, you must reenter Arena of Heroes to take part again in the next season.


A player ranking system based on rank points that displays the top 100 players. Even if a player does not make the top 100, their ranking will be shown here.


Divide the rank for players based on their current rank points, with 8 divisions ranging from Bronze to Challenger. At the end of the season, each player rank will be represented by a different rank icon and a different rank frame.

After the season, players will be assigned a rank frame based on their performance. The rank frame can only be used to decorate and display its strength from the previous season, it cannot be sold or used for other purposes.

Rank Frames Include:


- Heroes on chain or off chain can be used in attack and defense squads.
- For example, if the heroes in the defense squad are sold or used as food, 1 random hero from the user's inventory will be replaced automatically.
- By default, attacking heroes will be arranged for players. Users can still manually arrange the squad in the game.

- If the user does not have enough heroes, the system will opt out of the Arena and will not attempt to form a player squad.

- If the squad contains fewer than the required number of inactive heroes, the player will receive an email reminder and 20 points will be deducted per day. As a result, players must form a full squad and fight in the arena to avoid the system deducting points every day.

- Every day at 00:00 (UTC), the system will scan the squads and record them.

Note: It is not possible to remove or replace a hero if it is not fully installed. This applies to both Arena and Tournament.

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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