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Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is a quest system that allows players to earn extra gold, GEM, and Hero Shards by completing missions.

Bounty Board & Quest

The missions will be displayed on the board, and the player will perform them with the available Heroes. Depending on the rarity, each mission will have different criteria, such as:
Number of Heroes
Hero's Rarity
Hero's Class
Bonuses for completing difficult missions
There are 2 kinds of Bounties: Solo Bounty and Team Bounty.
The number of Solo Bounty and Team Bounty missions that appear on the quest board is determined by the player's VIP level.

Bounty Hunter Level

The rarity of the quests is determined by the Bounty Hunter level; the higher the level, the more high rarity quests there will be and the lower rarity quests will be dropped.
There are 8 levels in total; to level up, you must complete a certain number of Solo Bounty and Team Bounty missions of a specific rarity.

Refresh Bounty Board

Solo Bounty missions will be refreshed automatically every week, or players can use GEM to refresh. Only undone tasks can be refreshed; tasks that have been completed but have not yet received rewards, or tasks that are currently in progress, cannot be refreshed.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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