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Campaign (PvE)


Very old time ago, when the world was just nothing existed until four elements were born: air, water, earth, and fire. All four elements gathered to make the world flourished, and life started to begin. Over time, cities and lands were explored from deep forests to seas, from volcanoes to cold regions by 8 different races.

In Heroes & Empires, these lands and cities are drawn into maps. There are currently 33 maps and more will be expanded in the future. The maps will be arranged in order of difficulty. Each map will include many different battles. Players participate in the battles and win the rewards.

Once players complete a map and advance to the next map, they will receive valuable rewards.

Read more about rewards: Quests & Rewards

Players can join by clicking "Campaign" then "Battle" to play. Players harness their knowledge to arrange formations and defeat enemies.

After winning, players will receive well-deserved rewards and move to the following stage to encounter more aggressive enemies.

Note: Starting from Chapter 10, the daily number of campaign battles in Campaign Mode (40 turns) will count for both wins and losses.

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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