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Clan - Clan Hunt - Clan War


Players can create clans, recruit other players, and join exclusively activities and benefits exclusive to clan members such as:
Clan Hunt
Clan War

Create Clan

Clan creation cost is 2000 GEM and the changing Clan name cost to 100 GEM.

Recruit members

Join exclusively activities and benefits exclusive to clan members.

Clan Hunt

1. Clan Hunt - Gaia Guardian is refreshed daily.

Drop Rate

2. Clan Hunt - Abyssal Queen will be opened when Clan Master or Clan Deputy uses enough clan activity point to activate the event.

Drop Rate

Once the event is open, each clan member can freely participate up to two times.

Battling the boss can reward you with clan coins, gold, gems, and many valuable items.

Clan War

The feature allows two clans to compete by razing each other's castles to earn Conquest points.

1. Participation Requirement
Clan from level 3+.
Clan has at least 12 members.
Clan needs at least 2 defensive formations in each tower (6 towers in total).
During the Preparation phase, each clan member must assign their own squad to a tower defense base.
Members can join the Battle phase after the squad has been assigned without being removed by the clan master (or clan deputy) once the Preparation phase has ended.

2. Schedule
We will have 3 clan wars per week, with each day of the week featuring a different phase.
Clan members can still enter to receive the reward of the previous clan war before the last clan war ends.

Note: During the beta period, there will be a one-week break after each week of clan war to fix bugs and update the server and client.

It happens in four weeks. At the end of the season, all clans' rank points will be reset, and the top 3 clans will be honored.
Note: The season will last two weeks while the feature is in beta.

3. Tower
In a clan war, towers can be both defensive and offensive targets. There are 6 towers in total, with the number of defense bases and Conquest points obtained for successfully destroying each target.

A tower is destroyed when all of the defense bases are destroyed, and the demolished clan receives the tower's conquest points.
To take part in the battle phase, clans must assign at least 2 defense bases to each tower.

4. Defense Base
Defense Base is a tower's defensive post, clan members will assign a squad of 5 heroes to these posts. After completing the Prepare phase, the assigned squad's level, tier, gear, signature, and artifact will remain unchanged throughout the Battle phase.
Heroes sold on the market or minted cannot be used when establishing a Defense Base (similar to setting up and minting).
Each post will have 200 Conquest points (can be changed during the Battle Phase based on the correlation of forces between the two opposing clans). When the score reaches zero, this pin is considered destroyed.
When defeated, if the opponent wins, the defeated pin will lose 60 Conquest points (depending on the correlation of forces in the two opposing clans). response.
If the pawn is destroyed as a result of the attack, the opponent receives the number of Conquest points equal to the pawn's remaining Conquest points + 60.
When the number of members participating in a clan war differs between two clans, the Conquest points for each peg (temporarily called Defense Point) and the Conquest points that can be obtained when successfully attacking (temporarily called Attack Point) for clans with fewer members will increase by 5% (per member).

5. Conquest Point
As a point used to determine the outcome of a clan war, the clan with the higher score at the end of the Battle phase will win.
Conquest points can be earned by attacking and destroying enemy defense bases and towers.

6. Preparation Phase
During this phase, clan members will designate a squad to the tower defensive bases. Each player can select any defensive base from any tower, but they can only have one defense base assigned to them.
If several members want to assign to the same defense base, the next assignor will need to pick a different location.
Members are free to switch formations or relocate to different towers after being assigned until the Preparation phase is over.
The clan master or clan deputy has the authority to move or remove any squad to ensure that the participating force is as stable as possible.
If a member assigned to the defense base leaves the clan (via kick or automatically), that defense base will revert to an empty state.
If a member leaves as a clan that is not eligible to join (less than 12 members), the clan will be temporarily unable to access the clan war screen, and if there is still a lack of members until the Battle phase, that clan will be beaten and unable to resist.
Auto-Assign: To ensure that clan wars can still take place if the minimum number of defense bases are not assigned (members are not online, destroyed, forgot to reassign...), at the end of the Preparation phase, the system will automatically dynamically assign campaign formations of members with high combat strength (in the clan's unassigned group) to defense bases in unqualified towers (empty or missing an unassigned defense base, priority is given to tower has the highest Conquest score first).

7. Battle Phase
After completing the Preparation phase, members with a formation in the defense base will be able to participate in the Battle phase.
If a participating member leaves the clan (either by being kicked or automatically leaving the clan), the squad assigned to the defense base will remain.
Participants will receive three siege tickets at the start of the Battle phase. Each ticket is worth one strike against an opponent's defense base.
Regardless of the outcome, the player is not allowed to re-attack the previously hit defense base.
Before entering the match, players have the option of forming an attack formation. Heroes who die in battle will never be used again. Losing the battle (due to the timer running out or the hero dying) means losing the hero in that battle.
If members attack the same defense base at the same time, and the defense base is destroyed by a member first, the team that wins later will not receive Conquest points.
Easy-Win: If the clan still has an empty tower after the system has used Auto-Assign at the end of the Preparation phase (due to the clan's improper allocation of members and the clan's insufficient number of members), the tower will be counted as destroyed. At the start of the Battle Phase, kill and award points to the opposing clan.

8. Waiting Period
A week-to-week transition period, primarily for matchmaking on weekdays and for clan members to receive gifts before moving on to the new season.
Clans that are unable to participate will have their waiting period updated until the end of the next matchmaking session (the end of next Monday).

9. Reward
- Each clan member will try to accumulate Prestige points to exchange for attractive rewards. After the season ends, prestige points are still retained.
- If a member leaves the clan (by being kicked or automatically leaving the clan), the Prestige points will be retained until the player joins a new clan.
- Prestige points are earned by:
When attacking the defense base, win the battle: +50/win
When attacking the defense base, lose the battle: +10/lose
Clan war victory: 50 points (Reward Ratio)
Clan war draw: 20 points (Reward Ratio)
Clan war defeat: 10 points (Reward Ratio)
- Reward Ratio is determined by the clan's standing in the war league prior to the outcome of the most recent clan battle.
- Whether a clan member participated in the clan war or not, they will all receive emails with their rewards from the outcomes. The clan must still contain these individuals when the Battle phase begins.

10. League
The total number of Conquest points earned during clan wars is used to rank a clan for the season.
When a new season begins, the league is reset, and all accumulated Conquest points are reset to 0.

11. Matchmaking
Clans with similar levels are given priority based on their league.
Matchmaking time is on Monday (Waiting Period) to select all matches for the week.
If a clan is unable to participate in the clan war (clan created after matchmaking, clan left over after matchmaking, etc.), it will wait for the next matchmaking turn.

12. Leaderboard
Current Season
Displays a list of the 50 clans with the most total Conquest points in the current season.

Hall of Fame
List of the top 3 clans with the most total Conquest points in each season.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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