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Deleted Account for IOS

Now in the settings, we will add a button "Delete Account"

- The delete account feature allows iOS players to delete all user and application data.

- The player will use this function to send a request to the system to “Delete account”.

- Players can still access and play the game normally within 14 days of submitting the request. Furthermore, in the Settings section, players can CANCEL the “Delete account” request.

- In the final 3 days before the "Delete Account" deadline, the system will notify the player of the date of account deletion and how to CANCEL the "Delete Account" request.

- After 14 days, if the player has not CANCELED the "Delete account" request, the account will be deleted, cannot be restored, and the player will NOT be able to log into the game with the deleted account. If the player is still playing the game with the deleted account at the time of account deletion, the player will be logged out and will not be able to log in again.

- Players who have any questions about their accounts can contact our customer service department.

Updated on: 30/01/2023

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