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Detail of Hero

Hero's Races & Classes

There will be a total of 76 heroes in Heroes & Empires Game, divided into 8 Races and 7 Classes


Classification of Races

Classification of Classes

Race Advantages

Heroes deal up to an additional 25% damage to countered Rares

Battle formation

Players use this knowledge to arrange heroes so that their abilities and chances of winning are maximized. Buff 4 includes buff 3 and buff 5 includes buff 4.



Hero's Tier

Classification of Tier

There are 6 rarities of heroes: Common → Rare → Epic → Legendary → Immortal → Ultimate

Original tier of a Hero

The Hero's original rarity determines the Hero's strength when upgrading later. (EPIC > RARE)

Hero's Level Upgrade

Level up heroes to upgrade their abilities. To level up heroes, players need to collect enough Gold as required through in-game activities.
There will be a limit on the use of Gold to level up heroes. Players need to break this limit to continue leveling up by doing Limit Break.
The detailed requirements to upgrade Hero's level are shown in the following.

Hero's Ability Upgrade

The detailed requirements to upgrade Hero's ability are shown in the following:

Stats basic of heroes

Basic stats fully show the qualities and strength of Heroes.
Max HP: Heroes' maximum health
Attack Damage: Heroes' battle attack stats
Attack Speed: Heroes' maximum attack speed when fighting
Attack Range: Attack Range when using Hero's skills
Move Speed: Maximum Movement Speed
Defense: Hero's ability to withstand both physical and magical damage
Evasion: The ability to dodge when fighting
Critical Rate: Heroes' probability of dealing critical damage
Physical Resist: Ability to reduce the percentage of physical damage
Magic Resist: Ability to reduce magic damage as a percentage of damage
Life Leech: Ability to reduce physical damage as a percentage of damage
Reduce CC: Cooldown reduction percentage
Recovery: The ability to heal over time

How to calculate damage:
Damage multiplier = Post-Defense Damage multiplier * (1 - %Each type of Resist) (Defense≥ 0)

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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