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Dungeon (PvE)

Choose tab "Fortress" -> "Dungeon"
The Dungeon Trial will be refreshed every 48h. All enemies, shrines, and rewards will be reset.
Players can only select one shrine each time, the other will disappear.
If you are able to defeat the guardians of the floor you will be rewarded with challenger coins that can be used to purchase goods at the Challenge store.

Besides the fixed rewards, you will also get one random reward when you clear the floor boss:

Enemies within the dungeon may drop "runes" that you can collect. Each rune has unique properties.

Runes can only be used within the Dungeon Trial.

If the Dungeon Trial is reset, all runes will disappear.

How is the Mysterious Node scale divided?

Based on that, we have the Dungeon Reward Chest Drop rate:

You can use Challenge Coin to buy Hero/Shard in the Challenge shop:

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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