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1 - What is Heroes & Empires?

Heroes & Empires is a next-gen NFT game that combines the distinct elements of Idle RPG with auto-chess tactics, all while being linked to blockchain technology. By utilizing the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) feature to create characters and items, as well as Skill-2-Earn elements, players will be able to earn a consistent income while having fun with many gaming features.

2 - Which Blockchain will the game be developed on?

The game will be developed on the main chain, which is Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and has a secondary chain (DOS Chain).

3 - What does HE bring you?

-Participate in in-game activities.

-Compete in PVP battles for leaderboard prizes.

-Collect, speculate on heroes, gear, and more.

-Open Chests to get Heroes and trade them on Marketplace.

4 - What do you earn from playing H&E games?

-Players taking part in the Game need to buy Hero NFTs on the secondary market - Marketplace

-During GamePlay, the Player will receive rewards with Hero NFTs, Gear NFTs ... and HE Tokens.

+ Players can sell these NFTs on the secondary market to new players.

+ or Player will use these NFTs to upgrade their Heroes

5 - How can I earn HE Tokens?

You can earn by participate in in-game activities and compete in PVP battles for leaderboard prizes.

6 - What are Heroes & Empires tokens (HE)?

Heroes & Empires Token (HE) is the governance token of Heroes & Empires, issued on Binance Smart Chain. The total supply of HE is 1,000,000,000 tokens with use cases:
Skill to earn (S2E) and events.
Payment for minting Hero NFTs and playing.

7 - What is the contract of HE?

HE tokens are based on BSC:

HE contract address (BSC): 0x20d39a5130f799b95b55a930e5b7ebc589ea9ed8
Hero Assets (HEA) : 0x4cd0Ce1d5e10afbCAa565a0FE2A810eF0eB9B7E2
Genesis Rare Chest (HEC): 0xE1f8eD3ff5690D1CfE3aBcaC1626f7cCB7C87c7C
GearAssets (HEG): 0x08473a63b0f0cbabbdd3c846806531ec2c3c7371

8 - What in the game is NFT?

Heroes and Items will be minted NFTs

9 - How do I sell NFTs and HE tokens?

You can sell NFTs on the Marketplace and HE Token on Exchanges

Visit the Marketplace at:

10 - Where do I play Heroes & Empires?

You can visit the website on your computer to play.
Accessed at:

11 - What is the minimum amount of Hero needed to start playing H&E?

Register an account and complete the tutorial, you will get 5 Epic and Rare heroes to start the game

12 - How do I get NFT Heroes and NFT Items?

Players buy NFT Heroes on MarketPlace from other players.
Players can also get new NFT Heroes by Summoning Heroes.
Players will receive more new Items when Playing Games.

13 - How do Heroes & Empires control NFTs inflation?

Hero and Item Rarity upgrade, need a certain amount of NFT Hero or NFT Item for food. Therefore, the newly minted NFT will be more Valuable and Rarer.

14 - Does H&E have a staking feature?

You can find the staking page at:

Read more instructions on staking feature at:

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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