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Friend Referral

Referral Friend feature mechanism

The Friend Referral feature you can use immediately and does not require you to complete a certain Stage.
Players send invitations to join the game to friends or relatives who have not yet joined through the referral link.
The person who is invited to join the game (through an invitation), both the inviter and the invitee will receive the rewards.
If a player is already playing the game, if that person clicks on the invite link, that person will not be counted. The mandatory requirement is a completely new account that has never been logged into the game.
These rewards are received via the in-game mailbox. The inviter will receive a reward each time the invitation is successful, the invitee will only receive it once.
Inviters also have the opportunity to receive additional rewards through milestones. The reward of each milestone can only be claimed once. The unit of milestone is the number of friends invited.
Milestones include 1 friend, 3 friends, 5 friends, 10 friends, and 30 friends.
The invitee after completing Chapters 5-4 and linking the account will be confirmed as a real player and the reward will be sent.
Note that you only need to complete Chapters 5-4. Avoid the case that the player completes this account and then changes to another account to play again to receive the reward again.
Once the invitee is confirmed, the inviter will also get a reward and get on the number of friends invited.
The invitee also automatically sends a “Friend Request” to the inviter after passing Stages 5-4.


Reward for successful invite and invitee to complete Chapters 5-4.

- Referrers and invitees will receive 2 Rare Shards as a reward.

- In addition, you can receive other rewards when reaching milestones:

How to do the feature

Step 1: To invite friends to join, click on "Social" -> select "Friends" -> Click on the "Friend Referral" icon.

Step 2: The Friend Referral interface will appear, click "Invite link copied" to proceed to get the referral link.

Step 3: Click on the "copy icon" to copy the referral link.

Step 4: Then you send this referral link to your friends so they can start playing the game.

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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