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Grand Tournament (PvP)


Rule for participant selection

At the end of the season, the top 64 Legend Tournament rankings will be chosen to compete in the Grand Tournament. The system will take turns from the first to the 64th person.

Basic Rules

- Players will be divided into 8 tables of 8 people each.
- The level of all heroes in the participant's squad will be set to 240.
- All hero gear in the squad will be upgraded to Ultimate and will receive Enhance Max:
All equipment will be converted into equipment without the Race Bonus.
If the equipment has a rank of Ultimate or higher (T1, T2, T3), it will be kept.
- The Signature Item Level, Artifact, and Tier of the Hero will not change.
- When the Grand Tournament begins, the player's default formation will be the defensive formation used in the Legend Tournament.
Within the time limit, players can freely change the Grand Tournament interface's participating lineup.
Players may not use the same hero in more than one team.
The squad change interface will be locked 12 hours before each match and reopened afterward.
Players will be unable to change formation once the match has been locked.
Players can review the competition screen after each match.

Rules for the Group Stage

- Each table will have 8 people.
- Each player will face off against the remaining 7 players:
Win + 1 point
You will not receive points if you lose.
- Each group will have 28 matches:
Each group will play 4 matches per day, divided equally among 8 players; each player will play one match per day.
The match schedule will be announced to the players prior to the start of the group stage.
After 7 days, all matches will be completed.
- Following the conclusion of all matches, the player with the most points from each group will advance to the knockout round:
If multiple people have the same score, the person with the highest Overall Power Rating will be chosen.
If 2 people have the same Power Rating in the previous meeting, whoever wins will be allowed to advance to the next round.
After the group stage, there will be one day off before the knockout stage begins the next day.

The Knockout Rules (Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals, Finals)

- The knockout round will last 6 days:
Day 1 and Day 2: Bet and play in the quarterfinals
Third and fourth days: Bet and play the semi-finals
Day 5 and 6: Bet and play the final match
- After the finals, the participants will be rewarded based on their rank.

The final winner will be crowned Grand Tournament Champion and receive First Prize Rewards.
The final loser will receive second-place prizes.
The losers of the two semi-finals will receive third-place prizes.
4 semi-final losers will receive 4th rank rewards.
The 56 group stage losers will receive incentive rewards.

Rule of Combat

- Each player will have 3 teams of heroes competing against one another:
After the battle, the winning team will fight the opponent's next team.
The fallen heroes of the winning team will not be resurrected to fight the next team.
When one of two players defeats all three teams of the opponent, the winner is declared.
- Each match will last 90 seconds:
Team A: Hero X (34% HP) + Hero Y (58% HP) = 92%
Team B: Hero Z (62% HP) + Hero W (89% HP) = 151%
Team B will win.
If both teams have heroes left after the timer expires, the team with the most surviving heroes will be considered the winner.
If the number of surviving heroes on both teams is equal, the total remaining HP of each team's surviving heroes can be compared. The winning team will be the one with the highest percentage. As an example:
If the percentages of two teams are equal, it can be chosen at random.
- Following each match, the winner will receive a prize.
Group stage: GOLD_6_HOURS x1
Knockout stage: GOLD_8_HOURS x1



When the knockout round begins, other players who are not participating in the Grand Tournament can bet on the winner of each round. Players who have been eliminated from the Grand Tournament can also bet on the upcoming matches.
There will be 3 bet levels: 100 Gem, 200 Gem, and 300 Gem.
All winnings will be poured into a pool, and the winning team will receive gems from the losing team.
After winning the bet, the player will receive Gem via mail: Gem received when winning = Gem initially bet + Gem received from the losing party.
Gem received from losing party = Gem initial bet x Gem rate
The betting time will be from when the system locks the interface to change the lineup (12 hours before the match) to 2 hours before the match starts.
Players can see the lineups for both sides.
After betting, a Gem will be deducted immediately.
Players will be unable to bet if they do not have enough Gems.
Players will be able to switch sides as long as there is time for betting, but no bets can be withdrawn.
If the player wins all 7 knockout matches, he or she will receive a 500 Gems incentive bonus via mail.

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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