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Heroes & Empires 1st Anniversary Event

Dear heroes!

The series of activities to celebrate H&E 1 year old birthday has officially kicked off with many interesting events and gifts not to be missed. Let's find out now!!!


It's not been long since its debut, and now Heroes & Empires has reached the 1-year-old milestone!

The development journey is surely along with inevitable obstacles, but there are always amusing, enthusiastic, and occasionally "fidgety" Heroes who have stood with the Heroes & Empires Community till now.

Those apparently little things are what motivate the Heroes & Empires team to work nonstop.

Once again, Heroes & Empires would like to thank our community and will strive to improve ourselves to help make the experience as enjoyable as possible for players.

💥 Attention!!! The more you engage, the more rewards you can get.

🎮 Rule:
Share and like this post (Facebook / Twitter) before 00:00 UTC on November 20th
Let's break every stage to get more rewards.

🎯Stage 1 (Likes+Shares = 200): 10 Enhance Epic Tokens, 100 Enhance Rare Tokens, 2 Arena Tickets, Gold 24h, Summon Scroll

🎯Stage 2 (Likes+Shares = 400): 20 Enhance Epic Tokens, 200 Enhance Rare Tokens, 3 Arena Tickets, 2 Gold 24h, 2 Summon Scrolls

🎯Stage 3 (Likes+ Shares = 600): 30 Enhance Epic Tokens, 300 Enhance Rare Tokens, 4 Arena Tickets, 3 Gold 24h, 3 Summon Scrolls, Birthday Avatar Frame

🎯Stage 4 (Likes+ Shares = 800): 40 Enhance Epic Tokens, 400 Enhance Rare Tokens, 5 Arena Tickets, 4 Gold 24h, 4 Summon Scrolls, Birthday Avatar Frame

🎯Stage 5 (Likes+ Shares = 1000): 50 Enhance Epic Tokens, 500 Enhance Rare Tokens, 6 Arena Tickets, 5 Gold 24h, 5 Summon Scrolls, Birthday Avatar Frame, T1 Stone Choice Chest

📌 Note:
👉 1 Like = 1 Share = 1 Point
👉 The team will distribute rewards after the event ends.

2. Open 1 year event H&E

As a HE 1-year-old birthday event, which lasts 22 days in the game, players will battle other players in the form of PVP for 20 days for a piece of cake.

There are 4 types of cakes corresponding to birthday cakes. The player will get the cake shards after winning the match and get different cake shards.

These pieces of cake will be used to assemble a large cake to exchange for attractive rewards. Each reward may require 1 or more cakes with different quantities.

Each day the player will have 6 plays per day, each winning turn the player will receive 4 pieces of cake to combine into 1 cake.

Each cake will have a different drop rate:
Piece 1: 30%
Piece 2: 25%
Piece 3: 25%
Piece 4: 20%

After the event ends, the player can exchange the shards for gold.
Piece 1: 1000 Gold
Piece 2: 1,250 Gold
Piece 3: 1,250 Gold
Piece 4: 1,500 Gold
1 Cake: 5,000 Gold

3. Reopen Daily Dungeon

Daily Dungeon. You will be able to clear your Dungeon of Trials every day from 03/11/2022

x2 Dungeon Points:
x2 For the last nodes and rewards chests received.
Boss won't get x2 points

4. x2 Clan Wars Points

Only x2 points for winning, losing and drawing

No x2 points when sending rewards to all Clan members.

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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