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Hero's Gears

Equipping gear will increase a hero's stats, making them more successful in fights and helping them survive longer.


The higher the gear's rarity is, the stronger the gear will become. To increase a gear's rarity, players need to upgrade the gear. The higher gear's rarity, the higher stats, and the level cap.

Tier UpCommonRareEpicLegendaryImmortalUltimate
Level Cap-Updated03571520

Upgrade unused Gears in your inventory to boost the power of your Gears. Upgrades are available for Rare or higher Gears.
To do so, go to "Heroes" -> Select the Hero whose Gear needs to be upgraded -> Then select the Gear to upgrade.

When you click on Gear, a message will appear -> Select "Enhance".

Choose Gears as "food" (or Auto Select) -> Click the "Confirm" button.

Gear Ultimate


Gear in HE is simply understood as equipment. Players can find Gear in the following ways:
Get rewarded for some game mode activities.
Complete the quest progress.
Buy Gear at Clan Store.
Get rewards from AFK Chest. (Random acceptance rate)

Each hero can equip up to 4 Base Gears: Weapon, Helmet, Armor, and Boot. Besides, each Gear will have usage limits for different races/types.

Gear Ultimate upgrade

You can now upgrade your Ultimate Gears to Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Material needed (besides the upgradable gear):

- Ultimate Tier 1: One Ultimate Gear with the same type + Strengthen Stone T1
- Ultimate Tier 2: One Ultimate Gear T1 with the same type + Strengthen Stone T2
- Ultimate Tier 3:
Gear T3 have include the gear base stats of Gear and Heroes together.
Gear T3 will add random bonus stats for a specific hero, other heroes can equip it but will not receive the bonus stats.
Main Ultimate Gear T2 must be Level 20 and same race as the hero using + 1 Ultimate Gear same type T2 + 1 Strengthen Stone T3.

The required level for each ultimate gear will be:
Ultimate Gear: Level 121
Ultimate Gear T1: Level 141
Ultimate Gear T2: Level 161
Ultimate Gear T3: Level 181

Gears must be of the same type to be used as materials to upgrade.
When you sell Gear equipment on the Heroes & Empires Marketplace, you will be refunded 50% of the resources in the game. That is the cost of supporting players who have previously upgraded their Gear.

Burn Gear Ultimate

Players can now Burn their Gears from Ultimate Gears to Ultimate T2, the resource collected when burning for race and non-race one will be.

Burn Gear with a race will receive 50% of the Clan Coin of the price in the Clan Store.
Burn Gear doesn’t race will receive 30% of the Clan Coins compared to the price in the Clan Store.
For Gears that have Leveled, when Burn you will get back 50% of the gold and hammer spent.
To stimulate the burning of gear, will add a new item to the clan store, this item will reset the bonus stats of T3 gear, the expected price is 62,400 Clan Coin.

How to mint Gear NFT

You are now able to mint your Ultimate Gears as NFT in the Gear interface


There are 4 types of gear: Weapons, Armor, helm, and Boots. Each gear has 3 unique items, which match 2 hero classes. There are 72 items in the gears.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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