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How To Use Cold Wallets In Heroes & Empires Marketplace

This article will show you how to buy/sell NFT on the Heroes & Empires Marketplace using a cold wallet, specifically a Ledger wallet (other cold wallets are similar). We'll show how it works by connecting a Ledger wallet to a Marketplace via a second Extension wallet, in this case, MetaMask.

Step 1: Download the Ledger Live app here:

Step 2: On your Ledger wallet device, enable “smart contract data” or “blind signing”.

Step 3: Link your Ledger wallet to your Metamask Extension wallet
Step 3-1: On the Metamask wallet, first enable the connection to the Ledger wallet
“MetaMask --> Settings --> Advanced --> Preferred Ledger Connection Type --> Ledger Live”

Step 3-2: Connect Ledger to MetaMask

The system will connect to Ledger Live and request that "Expose your Device Accounts through WebSocket to OPEN"

Open the Ethereum App on your Ledger Wallet.

Return to the MetaMask wallet and choose the wallet address you want to use.

Step 4: Link MetaMask Wallet and Heroes & Empires' Marketplace.

To connect Marketplace to Ledger via MetaMask, select "**Connect**" on Marketplace and then "**Sign**".

To complete the connection between Ledger and Marketplace, click "Sign Message" on the Ledger wallet.

Updated on: 30/01/2023

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