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Legend Tournament (PvP)

A tournament is a tournament that allows players to go head-to-head with other players through the battle for rank points. Based on the results of this tournament, players will be selected to participate in Grand Tournaments. The tournament is unlocked when the player completes the 9-20 campaign.

Rules of participation

All your Heroes will be level 240. Rarity stays the same.
Players will face off against other players in 3 Rounds with 3 completely different formations. The team that wins more rounds wins the game. The condition to win each round is to destroy all enemy heroes in the given time.

In the case of an attack, the player will be selected by the system to choose a suitable opponent, allowed to see the opponent's squad, and arrange his team to be the most suitable.
In case of winning in the end, they will be increased in arena points, and losing will be deducted points, when the player reaches league points, they will be allowed to enter that league and receive the season reward of that league.

Players can also be attacked by other players, so it is necessary to set up 3 appropriate defense formations, initially, the system will automatically set up this squad based on the existing hero list and take it from high to low level, arrange to ensure 3 squads and 5 heroes for each squad. The condition for successful defense each Round is that all attacking heroes are destroyed or defending heroes are still alive at the end of the allotted time.
In case the defense is successful in the end, the defending player will gain points and the attacker will lose points.

Players use tournament tickets to gain permission to attack other players. Free 2 times a day, when the free turn is over, players can buy more tickets with GEM for 25/25/50 GEM


The matchmaking mechanics are similar to Arena but with a slight twist. Using the flow of Lost Sigil:
Match only 1 opponent
Allow to see the opponent's squad and retry one 1time (after 1 retry will not be able to retry again)


The player's last 20 battles, both offensive and defensive, are recorded, players can review the matches that have taken place.
When the defense fails, there will be a prompt in the battle log for the player to check.

Division & Leaderboard


Based on the current rank points to divide the rankings for players, including 7 divisions from Novice to Champion.


The player ranking system is based on rank points, displaying up to the top 50 players with the highest rank. The player's rank will also be displayed here even if the player is not in the top 50.
If the player is on the Champion list, the player's number will be displayed, if it is outside the indicator, the "-" symbol will be displayed.

Gladiator Coins & Tournament Store

Gladiator coins are earned every hour based on the division and the player's rank in the current division. Accumulate max 10,000 coins. Gladiator coins will be accumulated in the Challenger chest, max 10,000 coins. Players need to click on the chest to collect.
Gladiator coins are used in the tournament store to purchase items:
Hero shard

Event Challenge

In some events, players need to collect Event points through battle chests that are sent to the player via email at the end of the day. The number of battle chests depends on the player's current rank in the tournament.
Event points are used to redeem attractive rewards.

Season & Reward

Each Season lasts 4 weeks. At the end of the season, the player's Tournament Points will be reset to that league's level.

Summarizing The Season, players will receive the following reward:

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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