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Marketplace V2.2.8

(Updated on 10 October, 2022)

The Heroes & Empires Marketplace is a place where players can buy and sell Hero NFTs, Item NFTs, and take part in special events like Game Assets Offering (GAO), The Heroes & Empires marketplace is run on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in the first stage.

After you have listed your heroes for trading on the market and the purchase has been completed:
The hero's level will be reset to level 1
The rarity of the hero will be preserved
You will get all your items back from sold heroes (except BNB tokens)

How to Make Use of the Heroes & Empires Marketplace

Step 1: Purchase Binance Coin (BNB) and (BUSD).
BNB and BUSD is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and it can be purchased on the Binance exchange or other exchanges.

Step 2: Deposit BNB and HE into your Metamask Wallet.
Keep in mind that Metamask uses the Ethereum blockchain by default. You must change Metamask to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Simply select Ethereum Mainnet from the drop-down menu at the top of the MetaMask interface to switch networks.
Send your BNB and BUSD from BSC Network exchanges to your wallet address.

Step 3: Join the Heroes & Empires Marketplace with your Metamask Wallet.
Go to the Heroes & Empires Marketplace website and link your wallet to the Heroes & Empires Marketplace.

Step 4: Confirm your transactions.
When you execute a buy or sell order, the MetaMask wallet will prompt you to confirm the gas fee that you are willing to pay. To complete orders, click the "Confirm" button.

Note: Summoned heroes from Summon Scrolls, Shards, or Heroes Shard in the game can sell on Marketplace 24 hours after.

Regulations for the Marketplace

Transfer or detected transfer using the matching function

Locking NFT in-game 30 days
Locking on Marketplace 30 days


This is what Marketplace's Dashboard looks like.

Total sale, Total volume, and NFT Sold are parameters that display data from the previous 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

Total sale: is the total number of transactions of NFTs when they are listed for sale on MP; each NFT item listed for sale (Hero, Gear, Chest) is counted in Total Sale.
Total volume: displays the total volume of transactions from buying and selling NFTs.
NFT sold: the total number of traded NFTs (including Hero, Gear, and Chest).
Trend Hero: Based on the number of transactions, you can determine which Hero, Race, or Class is the most popular (sorted in descending order). For example, Seth has the most transactions, followed by Chiron and Dusk.
Recently listed: The most recent Hero, Gear, or Chest updates have just been listed on MP.


Support in the display of notifications when Mint Hero/Gear players succeed, transfer NFT from one account to another, or make NFT transactions on MP. Please click "Check transaction" if you wish to see the transaction details.


To see all previous data, click Profile. Not only that, but History displays all of the data related to your Hero Activities, Chest Activities, and Gear Activities.

Deposit HE tokens feature on the Marketplace.

Assist players in operating more conveniently and easily loading resources on any device. Simply connect your crypto wallet to the Marketplace of Heroes & Empires.
Log in to the Marketplace -> Click "Inventory" -> Click "Balance" -> Click "Deposit"to deposit a token HE from your wallet into the game. You can also deposit 50,000 HE within the day.

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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