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Skin Hero


Skin Hero is an Ultimate item that players can attach to their Heroes to give their Heroes a different appearance from other Heroes. In addition to improving the appearance and becoming more beautiful, the Hero wearing the Skin will gain a percentage of that Hero's strength. Because the number of skins is limited, it is possible to distinguish the difference in the strength of Hero with Skin and Hero without Skin.

Skin of Hero

Currently, Heroes & Empires has 76 Heroes.
We will give 4 Ultimate Skins to 4 Heroes in the early stages: Ares, Jeatah, Swift, Mrs.Hazard.

Ares Corrupted: Defend 1%, Magic Regist 3%.

Ares Corrupted

Jeatah God: Attack Dame 1%, Dodge 3%.

Jeatah God

Swift Ranganok: Defend 1%, Physic Regist 3%.

Swift Ranganok

Mrs.Hazard Steampunk: Attack dame 1%, Critical Change 2%.

Mrs.Hazard Steampunk

Information About Skin

Smart contract: 0x909ec2FC55f8574b845005724d3F56375A329438
Name: Skin Assets
Symbol: HES
The Rarity: Epic
Note: Each hero can have the corresponding ultimate equipment, the quality of the Skin is Epic. In addition, players can test to see the effects and skins in the beta.

Skin NFT will be limited: For each skin, there will be only 1000 NFTs.

Mint/Redeem Skin

After purchasing and owning Hero Skin, to use in-game, you must proceed to Redeem into the game.

Similarly, when you want to buy/sell Hero Skins on the marketplace, you have to mint skins.
When mint will be put in the same queue as summon/ascend. The Skin can still be used by the player in the normal game, just cannot be sold on the Marketplace.
After minting Skin, it takes 48 hours to list on Marketplace.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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