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Staking And Staking Reward

Staking is a way for us to reward members of the Heroes & Empires community who think long term and participate in Stake HE. Stake HE allows you to earn HE rewards for locking your tokens via the staking dashboard. Furthermore, staking HE will grant you voting rights and a voice in the Heroes & Empires ecosystem in the future.

HE Staking rewards are viewed as a motivator to contribute to the Heroes & Empires ecosystem.

The HE rewards used in Stake are deducted from the Monthly Game Operating Revenue fund (if there is a shortage of rewards or the need to encourage more investors, we will increase the reward through Ecosystem Funds).

The amount of HE Rewards will be calculated and allocated to the HE Staking Treasury based on the monthly revenue situation in the Heroes & Empires economy.

Staking Dashboard

Your guide on how to stake and unstake your HE, and claim or restake your HE rewards!

You can find the staking page at

Connect your wallet (select Binance Smart Chain network)

What's on the Dashboard?

(1) Stake & Unstake

Total Staked: Total HE that you participated in Stake HE

My balance: Total HE in your wallet

“Stake” Button: button to join Stake HE

“Submit Withdraw” Button: Request to unstake HE. (Pending 86,400 Blocks, expected 3 days)

During the Pending period, you will not receive a Reward from the amount of HE Unstaked.

(2) Dashboard

Total Staked: Total HE participated in the Stake

Estimated Rewards: APR - Annual Percentage Rate

APR = Monthly Reward/Total Staked * 12 Month

(3) Rewards

Retake: Stake HE reward back to Pool

Submit Claim: Withdraw HE Reward (86,400 Blocks, expected 3 days)

(4) Withdraw HE

Claim Reward: After the pending time, you can withdraw HE to your wallet

(5) HE Stats

HE price: HE price realtime

Daily Reward: Total amount of HE reward tokens for the day

Circulating Supply: Circulating supply of HE token


+ Connect your wallet (select BSC network). Select “Stake” Button, enter the amount of HE you want to Stake.
+ After confirming the transaction on the wallet, you have Stake HE successfully.

You will see enough information about your HE stake data.


You can Retake HE Reward to get more Reward (Reward calculates Block-to-Block). If you withdraw Reward, you choose “Submit Claim” button, and will receive Reward after 86,400 Blocks (expected 3 days).


+ Select “Submit Withdraw” Button và Enter the amount of HE you want to stake.

+ Then you will claim HE to your wallet after 86,400 Blocks (expected 3 days).

Updated on: 30/01/2023

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