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The Ancient War

A 14-day event in which players compete in PVP for the Medal of Honor

There are 8 different types of medals to correspond with the hero's 8 races. The player will receive 5 optional chests after winning the match (used in exchange for event stamps to exchange heroes). If a player loses, his turn will not be taken away and he won't get the chest.

How to play

Each day, the player will have 6 turns; if you want to change the opponent, you must use 5 Gem each turn.
Players need to calculate their daily turns and battle formations to win and collect Medals of Honor during the event period from which to redeem rewards.
These medals are exchanged for attractive rewards. Each reward may require one or more medals of varying amounts, so players must calculate an effective formation as well as aim for the reward they desire.

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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