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Tokenomics & Smart Contract Addresses

Heroes & Empires Token (HE) is the governance token of Heroes & Empires, issued on Binance Smart Chain. The total supply of HE is 1,000,000,000 tokens (we have burned 27,740,426 $HE already) with use cases:
Skill to earn (S2E) and events.
Payment for minting Hero NFTs and playing.
HE holders can earn HE tokens through playing games, taking part in events, and key governance votes. Players can also earn HE tokens by participating in in-game activities.

Contracts used in Heroes & Empires

DOS Chain

HE contract address : 0x3F8fF8A3d0dC82Fc21fd93db5df7a83716Bd71E9
Hero Assets (HEA) : 0xf9cDD083A090D4F0208445Ce0845D73B8e3De499
Genesis Rare Chest (HEC): 0xed3CAfA5DD9992A29bDB0e79188c86db7b1F0ed0
Gear Assets (HEG): 0x3223F9ba34869C5A511a0fF8E0BEeDA39b5FeE33
Artwork Assets (HAW) : 0x768697422348F022422707195cc47CA360635401
BNB Chain

HE contract address : 0x20d39a5130f799b95b55a930e5b7ebc589ea9ed8
Hero Assets (HEA) : 0x4cd0Ce1d5e10afbCAa565a0FE2A810eF0eB9B7E2
Genesis Rare Chest (HEC): 0xE1f8eD3ff5690D1CfE3aBcaC1626f7cCB7C87c7C
Gear Assets (HEG): 0x08473a63b0f0cbabbdd3c846806531ec2c3c7371
Artwork Assets (HAW) : 0x47963549744E38A24D756888B24e69957c876115

Token Metric

Total Supply100%1,000,000,000
Strategic Sale15%150,000,00020%3 months cliff, vest linear monthly for 16 months
Public Sale1.6%16,000,00025%3 months cliffs vest linear monthly for 15 months
Team15%150,000,0000%Lock 2 year, 20% unlock every quarter
Advisors4%40,000,0000%Lock 2 year, 20% unlock every quarter
Marketing & Liquidity & Incentives15%150,000,00015%1 month cliff, 15% in 2nd month, then vest linear monthly for 14 months
Ingame Reward30%300,000,0003%1 month cliffs vest linear monthly for 33 months
Ecosystem Funds19.4%194,000,0007.5%1 month cliff, 17.5% in 2nd month, then 10 months cliff, 25% unlock every quarter
Initial Circulating Supply80,050,000
Initial Market Cap$800,500
Full Diluted Valuation$10,000,000

Token Allocation

Information of addresses of Team

Vesting Contract: 0x9296156c5d2921047bc3b04b23bc63708cfeb5d8
Ingame Reward: 0xCF701D12686904C7938BAEc679F0350Fdaa59F24
Marketing and Incentives: 0x2e8de26056d1d8b5654c01ce53ba3dc8909a577f
Ecosystem: 0x7BF5F58Bd96CF1E9C9781Ad323194cA693bf8a8c
Team & Advisor: 0x56FE00398685928aECAE8a7F773EfC5889a6F251
Ingame Revenue: 0x06eD3d7ef90551333b7185412337c9DF6F17C795
MarketPlace Revenue: 0x592D08eb6445366F6673F39D35fB833c4963208c
Fee Handling Address(Admin wallet 0): 0xd998ea274c1edcce9ee97182a112735441f21dbe
Note: All wallets not on this list are personal wallets!

Updated on: 18/04/2023

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