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Union Blessing

When the player has 5 heroes with level 240, the player can unlock the Strengthen Blessing feature, which upgrade level hero to 240+.

Players can use this function by clicking "Heroes", then "Commander". Please note that the function only opens when the player completes Chapter 4-36.

The 5 highest level heroes will automatically be placed in Union Blessing. You can add a hero to a Blessing Slot which will raise their level so that it's equal to the lowest level hero currently in Union Blessing.

A hero cannot be leveled up when they're currently using the Blessing Slot. They must initially leave Union Blessing before they can continue to be leveled up. When a hero is removed from a slot, the slot will begin a 24-hour cooldown process.

The maximum level limit for Union Blessing depends on the number of Immortal* (or higher) in your hero list. Each hero will increase the limit level by 5.

The default number of free Blessing Slots is 3. If you want to unlock more Blessing Slots, you have to spend some GEM.

When the player activates this feature, 5 heroes from Pentagon Blessing are pushed to the Blessing Slot.
Each level will require 10 times of strengthening; all 10 times will require the same amount of gold, but the 10th time will have more GEM.
Level will be increased for all heroes of Blessing Slot.

Limit Level
The number of levels a player can gain is determined by the number of heroes who reach the Ultimate tier in the hero list.
Limit Level = 240 + [Hero Ultimate] x 5.

To activate Strengthen Blessing, the player must have 5 Ultimate heroes, which are as follows:
Limit Level = 240 + 5*5 = 265.
To keep the feature active, the player must have 6 Ultimate heroes, which we have:
Limit Level = 240 +5*6 = 270.

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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